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FICWFM is a non-profit corporation governed by its bylaws and headed by a board of directors which includes Apostle Frederick K.C. Price as Chairman and Dr. Michael A. Freeman, as President of the Board. The Corporate Headquarters are located at Crenshaw Christian Center Church, 7901 South Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles, California. Although FICWFM serves as a spiritual covering for its member-ministries, it is not a denomination nor is it a governing authority. Each ministry operates personally, privately and independently of FICWFM, and the member-ministry has no required reporting accountability to this organization. However, as members of the Body of Christ, all should live to represent Christ. Therefore, FICWFM and its leadership strongly believe, teach and exemplify a high standard of integrity, Godly character and moral excellence, and encourages that these standards be duplicated throughout its membership. Agape Storge Christian Center is a member of FICWFM since 1995. For more information on this organization and to find out how you can join, click on the following link and visit the website www.ficwfm.org.