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In the beginning God said, Thomas, teach and preach my word and it was so. While still gainfully employed and actively involved with the Delta Area Public School System, Pastor Williams began to receive countless invitations to minister during the mid-eighties. Realizing the call on his life to ministry, he went from church to church and house to house evangelizing with holy boldness.

By the late eighties, he and his wife, Gwen, began to host Bible Study in the den of their small home. Word concerning these spirit-filled sessions spread quickly and soon the number of people in attendance started to increase outgrowing the limited space.

At this point, it was time to search for a facility that would accommodate the consistent growth. Having limited resources, Pastor Williams managed to secure the Miller’s Memorial Center. Rent was cheap and favor was at work. According to the mission of the church, the foundation scripture for the ministry was established as James 1:22, “Be ye doers of the Word and not hearers only” and the Word was taking root in the lives of the people.

After much prayer, diligence and constant practice of the Word, God said, “It’s time to go to the next level.” Through faith and patience, God made it possible for the ministry to purchase Revels Memorial Center. Members of the congregation made themselves available to work at converting the building to make it conducive for worship. In a short while, the dedication service was underway and Pastor continued to declare the Word with strength and power. The anointing was impacting the area to the point that each service the seats in the main sanctuary had filled up so that people were sitting on the steps of the pulpit. The Children’s Church Ministry was completely packed out. The church attendance was so great that a new location was absolutely necessary.

Supernaturally, God provided a building that would house a congregation much larger than the current membership. Though there was plenty of room for growth in this building, a major transformation was required. The new building was a former grocery store which had been abandoned for some time. By the grace of God, the foul-smelling, deserted, empty shell of a grocery store was miraculously made over into something beautiful, desirable and valuable. The ministry was blessed to perform the work on the building without incurring any debt. About a year or so after settling into this facility, the Board of Trustees agreed with Pastor to pay off the former building (Revels Memorial Center) gaining it for Kingdom use and it was so.

Shortly thereafter, Pastor Williams with the assistance of the Finance Committee devised a plan to conclude payment on 32 plus acres of prime land on South Colorado Street which the Lord had given Pastor the vision to obtain for future growth, and it was so. Subsequently, the ministry was presented with an offer to purchase seven more acres on the same plot of land and it was so. Again, God enabled the transaction to be completed without having to borrow or be financed. Since that time, the ministry has been a life-changing force within the city and neighboring areas. It has become known as the fastest growing church in the Greater Delta.

What’s next? In the very near future the ministry will build three multi-million dollar facilities. Construction is scheduled to take place in three phases. Phase I (Sanctuary), Phase II (Family Life Center), and Phase III (ASCC School). And God said, “Build debt free and so shall it be in the name of Jesus.” And the church said, “Build debt free and so shall it be in the name of Jesus.” It is the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our eyes! To date, the ministry is in the final stages of planning for the new sanctuary, a multi-million dollar facility, focused on the promise of God and the vision He has given to the Man of God.

According to Numbers 14:8, “...because God delights in us He has given us the land, therefore we are commissioned to rise up and build the sanctuary of the Lord God. Nehemiah 2:20 says, “He will prosper us; therefore, we will rise up and build”... Hallelujah! Glory to God in the Highest!!!