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Majesty Gifts & Novelties Bookstore

Our bookstore offers products for the wellness and soundness of the whole human being. For the spirit, there is a wealth of resource material available to enhance study of the bible, build faith and obtain spiritual knowledge and wisdom. For the soul, several mediums are available to enlighten, encourage and strengthen the mind. There are also products for the body as well as information for healthy living.  Special ordering is available!

Children’s Ministry

Our children are taught the Word of God at their level of understanding from pre-screened teachers and support staff that are trained to work with children. The Children’s Ministry team holds in high regard a specific goal to love and treat all children equally and fairly.  Each child is important and looked after with the utmost care during their time in Children’s Ministry.

Decoration Committee

Holidays are even more exciting when the decorations are done. This team knows exactly how to light up an occasion with the outward expression of their God-given gifts. Their glorious sense of style and flair makes every season worth celebrating.

Drama Team

Glory to God in the Highest! Giving praise and bringing honor to God is the principal aim of this group of dancers. Full of the Holy Spirit, they enthusiastically convey Christ to others by ministering unto the Lord through dance. They are an undeniable inspiration to glorify God.

Food Service Department

Well appreciated for the love they put into every morsel of delectable food they serve and known for their excellent presentation, this team is anointed to prepare and serve for every function that requires tasty treats.

ASCC Intercessors

The effectual fervent prayers of the righteous avail much. These are the voices who cry out on behalf of others. This team not only stands in the gap, but professes the Word of God under the anointing. They pray over every aspect of the ministry, the community, our nation and the world.

Media Ministry

Responsible for audio and video recording, editing and production for the television broadcast and providing overall sound and other media services on a weekly basis, this group has the tedious task of ensuring that the Word of God goes forth throughout all the earth by reproducing messages for resale and broadcasting.

Music Ministry

Each week, the congregation unites with this awesome team who ministers to God through psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. As they make melody in their hearts to the Lord, the presence of God manifests, burdens are removed, yokes are destroyed and lives are radically changed for the better.

Ministry Team

Warriors for Christ, this team consists of those who undergird our Pastor, Members and Ministry Leaders in prayer on a daily basis. They consistently avail themselves to minister to the spiritual needs of the congregation. Their passion for helping others is unparalleled by any other source.

Special Care Ministry

An extension of Agape love best characterizes this group, who devotes their energies to showing special consideration for the events that occur in the lives of others.  Whether experiencing a challenge or celebrating a victory, our brothers and sisters always know that someone cares.

Sunday School

A group of spirit-filled believers that are on fire for Christ share insightful lessons each week mixed with practical godly wisdom to strengthen our walk of faith. The Word of God is taught in classes customized to meet the requirements of the whole family with emphasis on marriage, singleness, and the youth from toddlers to teens.

Teens Ministry

Our Teen Ministers are passionate for the things of God and about winning our youth for the Kingdom. This team reaches out to the youth in our neighborhoods and communities with the heart and compassion of Jesus. The Teen ministry focuses on teaching the youth how to live according to God’s Word using practical life lessons that can be applied to everyday situations.


Keeping everyone going in the right direction, this group of committed men and women perform the vital service of directing, escorting and seating those who attend services and other activities. They also assist with security, traffic and crowd control as well as the distribution of information concerning church functions to members and visitors alike.

YMMAD (Young Men Making A Difference)

Dedicated Men of God volunteer their time to educate and train young males between the ages of 9 and 19. They lead by following the example of Christ and empower young men with the Word of God sharing God-given wisdom, gifts and skills that have helped them to become successful, strong and productive men in the community and the Kingdom.